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Security Liaison, Ryan, and his son, Nash

Security Liaison, Ryan, and his son, Nash

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Security Liaison, Ryan, and his son, Nash

Security Liaison, Ryan, and his son, Nash

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Ryan's Story

Security team member and new Dad gives back to the hospital

Nothing truly prepares you for being a new father, not even a decade working in security at one of the largest health systems in Ontario – just ask new Dad, Ryan Winterink!

After being on the front-line security team at Lakeridge Health’s Ajax-Pickering site for 10 years, Ryan has now spent two and a half years as a Security Liaison, supporting the Security and Emergency Preparedness Department front line staff, completing policy work, and staff training. He recently became a first-time father and is looking forward to spending as much time as possible with his son, Nash, this Father’s Day.

Baby Nash was born on Easter weekend, which was a bit earlier than anticipated for Ryan and his wife, Kaitlyn.

“We definitely weren’t expecting it to happen that early,” said Ryan. “But he was healthy, so what more can you ask for?”

The care and attention Ryan’s family received from the nursing staff in the Birthing Suite inspired them to recognize the team with a Circle of Gratitude donation.

“We were so grateful for the Birthing Suite at Oshawa Hospital,” Ryan recalled. “It wasn’t the easiest birth for my wife and son. The staff were there the whole time and provided the best care and help for us.”

They spent the whole weekend at the Oshawa Hospital and could not have been happier with the support they were provided.

“They all do great work and we felt that they deserved the acknowledgement.”

This wasn’t the first time Ryan and Kaitlyn made a donation to the Circle of Gratitude.

“We made a donation for the Emergency Department at Oshawa Hospital,” he said. “It was just a way to thank a particular nurse for the tremendous compassion she showed my wife when her grandmother passed away.”

Once the family got home with Nash, they were able to spend a lot of time together without much interruption while social gatherings remained at a minimum.  “Because of the pandemic we didn’t have to turn away anyone from visiting us at the hospital, or even when we got home,” joked Ryan.

“I have a big family,” he continued. “Obviously not everyone has met our son yet. It’s hard, because everyone wants to be there to support you and be a part of the development. A lot happens in a short period of time.

“But with the vaccines rolling out, we’re able to have our parents come over and help now.”

Having a new baby at home while working at a hospital during a pandemic may be a concern to some, but Ryan is confident that he and his team are practicing all safety measures.

“Having a new baby at home, you’re a little more cautious,” he said. “I’m comfortable that everyone is taking the proper measures and I’m grateful that health care workers were able to get their vaccinations early. That made our family feel safer.”

Ryan said everything is very much the same at work. “Nothing has really changed in a regular workday, other than the fact I might be a little more tired. Being a first-time dad, it’s something new every day,” he said. “Seeing him grow and develop is amazing. Sitting there and cuddling with him, watching playoff hockey, is really exciting.”

With this being his first Father’s Day, Ryan is planning on keeping things low-key.

“I’m off that day,” he laughed. “I’m just going to hang out with Nash and catch a Euro Cup game, while getting in as much cuddle time as possible. He’s still very young and I just don’t want to miss out on those opportunities.”

On behalf of everyone at Lakeridge Health and Foundation, we want to wish all those celebrating a very Happy Father’s Day!