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Marisa in the CKDO Radio recording booth

Marisa in the CKDO Radio recording booth

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Marisa in the CKDO Radio recording booth

Marisa in the CKDO Radio recording booth

Staff Story

Voicing for a Cause

It's a win-win situation

It may have taken some time, but Marisa Bouwmeister has accomplished a lifelong goal sparked many years ago by a patient she met in nursing school.

Now a Patient Care Manager for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Paediatrics Department at Lakeridge Health, Marisa is also the official radio spokesperson for Lakeridge Health Foundation’s latest fundraising campaign.

When she received an email from one of her Foundation colleagues asking if she’d ever dreamt of being on the radio, a memory came racing back, and she knew she had to jump on the opportunity.

“I just thought it was so funny,” said Marisa. “Most people would probably say no. But when I was in nursing school taking care of a patient, the separation curtain whipped back and a lady asked if I had ever thought about doing voice work.”

“That patient worked for the CBC,” Marisa laughed.

In addition to these comments from a broadcasting professional, Marisa also received encouragement from her sister’s vocal coach.

“My sister is a vocalist,” explained Marisa. “She sings and received a degree in music.”
“When I would go with her to her vocal coaching sessions, her coach said the same thing. So I thought, maybe I need to look into this a little more. But, then life happened.”

Marisa got married, had kids, and never did follow-up on the vocal training.

“I never really thought about it again until I received that email,” she said excitedly. “I thought, you know what, if this is the only time I ever try to do this, why would I say no?”

The win-win situation means that Marisa can check off a bucket list item while helping raise awareness and funds for her Hospital.

“We're seeing higher admissions of pediatric patients,” said Marisa. “So, not only was this a fun thing to do, but it's also an important message. Donations through this campaign will help fund new equipment for the NICU and Paediatric department in Oshawa.”

You can hear Marisa’s radio ad here, and learn more about how you can help Lakeridge Health’s smallest patients at