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James and Stephanie with their children

James and Stephanie with their children

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James and Stephanie with their children

James and Stephanie with their children

Staff Story

Pedaling with a Purpose

“James was passionate about cycling. This will be a special ride.”

Pedal for Patients, Lakeridge Health Foundation’s first-ever community bike ride event, is just one month away.

Partnering with The Regional Municipality of Durham, the Foundation has created this event not only to get cycling enthusiasts out on the roads of Oshawa and Whitby for a ride, but to bring the community together to raise much-needed funds for cancer care at Lakeridge Health.

For some participants, Pedal for Patients means much more than just a bike ride.

Stephanie Lane, a Research Associate in the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre’s Clinical Trials Program, is riding in memory of her late husband James.

“James passed away quite suddenly from cancer at 34,” said Stephanie. “He was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer in July 2021, and passed away almost a month later in August.”

Stephanie and her two children were left in shock.

Nearly two years after James’ passing, the Pedal for Patients bike ride has become an opportunity to honour his memory with family, friends and colleagues.

James worked in The Regional Municipality of Durham's Health Department. Stephanie has reached out to the team and recruited some of James’ former work friends to join her at the ride. She has also invited a number of her co-workers from the DRCC.

The most important teammate on the May 28 ride will be her father-in-law Dan, who is travelling from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to participate in this important ride. He’s a cycling enthusiast and may be ready to tackle the 80 km route by the event date.

“Dan can handle the longer ride. Me? I'm not so confident,” she jokingly admitted.

The confidence has grown a bit since Stephanie got a new bike.

James on a bike with child bike trailer“James was passionate about cycling so I finally got a decent bike and have been out for a few bike rides,” she said. “It's been nice to have that time to reflect.”

Pedal for Patients is truly an important event for Stephanie.

“This will be a special ride,” she explained. “James was treated here in the DRCC and I am very grateful for the excellent care he received so close to home. I’m looking forward to raising funds for cancer care in the community while doing something James loved.”

Joining Lakeridge Health Foundation and The Regional Municipality of Durham on May 28, whether as a rider or supporter of Pedal for Patients, benefits Our Cancer Campaign and helps advance cancer care at Lakeridge Health.

Learn more about Pedal for Patients and support a rider, or team, at You can support Stephanie's team, the Robideau Racers on their team page.