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Here, Anita, Kara and Krista share their love of nursing, all of them serving our community at Lakeridge Health.

Here, Anita, Kara and Krista share their love of nursing, all of them serving our community at Lakeridge Health.

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Here, Anita, Kara and Krista share their love of nursing, all of them serving our community at Lakeridge Health.

Here, Anita, Kara and Krista share their love of nursing, all of them serving our community at Lakeridge Health.

Staff Story

Anita's Story

Front line nurses and mothers at Lakeridge Health

As a registered nurse with Lakeridge Health for 25 years, Anita is an essential member of our local health care. She currently works on the Palliative Care Unit and has two daughters, Kara and Krista, who followed in their mom’s footsteps and became RN’s themselves!

This powerhouse family of strong women are front line heroes. We could not be more grateful to have them care for our loved ones. We spoke with each of them to gain an inside look into their lives as mothers and as nurses.


What was it like when both of your daughters told you that they wanted to become nurses?


Anita: It made be very proud that they wanted to be nurses. They both knew that I loved being a nurse, but also knew it wasn’t for everyone; this was their own decisions, and I must say they are wonderful nurses and I am proud to call them my "daughters and colleagues!"

What about your mom makes her such a great nurse? How does she inspire you?


Kara: I have always appreciated and known how absolutely amazing my mother is both as a nurse and a parent. She is the most caring, compassionate person I have ever met and she goes above and beyond for anyone in her life. She has inspired me to be not only the person I am today, but also the type of nurse I strive to be every day.

Krista: My mom is an amazing nurse! She is the most caring, hardworking, dedicated and compassionate person I know. She is always there to make sure everyone around her is well taken care of, be it her family, friends, or patients. You will always know you will receive the best care if my mom is looking after you. She is the best cheerleader, advocate and caretaker to anyone who needs her. I remember coming home as a child and always remember my mom happy even after working long hours. You could truly see that she loved every part of her job. When she would tell you about her day she never had one negative thing to say about her work. She always takes pride in everything she does to help everyone else around her and because of that has inspired me to become the person and nurse I am today.

What motivates you as a nurse?


Anita: Being able to provide the best care possible for both my patients and their family.

Kara: I come to work each shift with the aspiration to ensure my patients received the highest standard of care possible. Knowing I am able to help someone through the hardest time of their life gets me through the most challenging days. Also, the family I share this career with motivates me as a nurse. There are five of us that are registered nurses at Lakeridge Health Oshawa Hospital and I am proud to be the daughter, sister, niece, and cousin of such wonderful nurses.

Krista: I truly enjoy helping others who are in need. I have learned this behaviour and passion throughout my whole life from all the strong nurses I have the pleasure to call my family. I have nursing in my blood as most of the females in my family have become nurses themselves. My mom and her sisters, my aunts, definitely have always been my motivation of the nurse I aspire to be.

How have things changed for you during COVID-19?


Anita: Things have changed both with my family and my work life. We always get together as a family at least once a week, we now do video chatting frequently, but it is not the same. I miss my hugs from my family. Miss smothering my grandson with lots of cuddles! It has been 54 days since I have had any physical contact with any of them!

Kara: A lot has changed since this pandemic started, in all aspects of my life. I am thankful that I work with such a wonderful group of nurses on OG6 and that we are getting through things together. The biggest change is only being able to see my immediate family virtually. My sister, brother and I are very close with each other and our parents. I am really missing Sunday night dinners at my parent’s house filled with laughter and enjoying watching my nephew grow.

Krista: Due to the COVID-19 virus we have only been able to see each other through video chatting apps and the odd time waving through glass windows if we need to drop something off to each other. My mom and I still talk every day. It is far different then the norm and very challenging to do so, but we understand it is for the best.

Mother’s Day looks pretty different this year, how are you celebrating your mom?


Kara: On a normal Mother’s Day, we would all get together and have dinner and spoil my mom with love and appreciation. This Mother’s Day, we will be social distancing which means virtual calls and contactless presents.

Krista: This Mother's Day I am sure we will be talking to each other over video chatting apps when normally we would be having dinner in person. We have always valued time together as the most important and best way to celebrate each other.