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Current Needs

Priority Needs

Without your help, our Whitby and Oshawa Hospitals cannot access the latest equipment, educational resources, research opportunities, innovative technology and necessary renovations needed to best serve the residents of Durham Region.
By supporting Priority Needs, you are directly impacting the urgent essentials our Whitby and Oshawa Hospital teams need to perform life-changing surgeries, emergency procedures, and improve the quality of care you’ve come to expect from Lakeridge Health. Support Lakeridge Health’s critical needs right now.

If you're able, help support your local Lakeridge Health Hospital as Durham fights COVID-19. 
Help your front line heroes as Durham Fights COVID-19

Cancer Care

It’s estimated that 1 in 2 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. With the population of our community growing every day, we are lucky to have the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre (DRCC) close to home. Delivering top quality cancer care, the DRCC serves over 100,000 patients and their families with services including: prevention and screening, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care, and support after treatment.

Cancer Care Throughout Our Hospital

Giving towards cancer care means support for patients at every stage of the journey.

Cancer care happens throughout our Oshawa Hospital, in a number of different departments from diagnostic imagine, to the laboratory and surgery. The complex treatment of our loved ones with cancer requires a multi-disciplinary team who needs the best tools, equipment, education and research on their side. Your donation in support of cancer care priorities means the very best cancer care is possible throughout our Hospital. 

Selena's Story

Kidney and Diabetes Care

Kidney care and diabetes care often go hand-in-hand. People living with diabetes are at the highest risk of developing kidney disease. Your support of Lakeridge Health’s Kidney and Diabetes Care programs at our Oshawa and Whitby Hospitals means critical care for those living with kidney failure, and for those who are at risk.

Dialysis Program

When kidneys fail, there is no cure, but, dialysis can keep those living with kidney failure alive. Lakeridge Health’s regional dialysis program offers a full range of kidney care services to more than 1,000 families in the region.

Diabetes Centre

In the Durham Region, approximately 40,000 people are living with diabetes. Meaning, access to the regional diabetes education program and Lakeridge Health’s Centre for Complex Diabetes Care makes a difference.

Bladder Scanners

The team at Lakeridge Health Oshawa’s Medicine Department rely on both their expertise and advanced equipment to ensure the patients in their care get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Our Medicine Program uses bladder scanners to assess, diagnose and manage urinary issues that lead to discomfort, pain and other complications. The scanners allow our team to make quick decisions on whether to insert catheters or schedule other procedures. Each small portable ultrasound unit can be used right at the bedside and are painless to our patients.


SMART Pumps are an updated take on the traditional intravenous pumps that most patients use during a hospital stay. The new SMART IV Pumps are best practice in terms of medical safety for both Hospital staff and patients. Programmed to deliver the correct dosages of medications, fluids or nutrients specific to the patient, these mini-computers carry a full medication library inside of their super brains. The medication library can be updated, as needed, by Hospital staff via Wi-Fi connection. This tiny piece of equipment can house an extremely large library of data, supporting both Hospital staff and reinforcing patient safety.

The new pumps are needed in nearly every department of our Hospital, supplying so many patients with much needed health support including life-changing chemotherapy treatment to cancer patients, and medications to our tiniest patients in our neonatal intensive care unit.

Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology (IR) is a sub-specialty of radiology that used image-guided technology to do innovative, minimally -invasive procedures that were once only available in operating rooms. IR procedures are done for patients throughout the Hospital, such as inserting fistulas for dialysis, or a port for chemotherapy treatment. Interventional radiologists can also use ground-breaking technology to tackle cancerous tumours using cryogenics or radio-waves.

Lakeridge Health's IR program is in desperate need of an expansion. Through the support of our incredible donors, $5 million was raised to build an outfit a new space that will see twice as many patients. Your donation today means more space, more procedures, and more patients receiving complex care in a better, faster, and safer way.

Cancer In Our Community

Giving towards cancer care means support at all stages of the journey.

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