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Nancy, Max and Big Brother Henry Welcome Amelia into a New World

Nancy, Max and Big Brother Henry Welcome Amelia into a New World

Nancy, Max and Big Brother Henry Welcome Amelia into a New World

Nancy, Max and Big Brother Henry Welcome Amelia into a New World

Patient Story

Baby Amelia's Story

You are getting the care you need at Lakeridge Health-it just looks different right now.

Today, our Durham Region community is focused on coming together, while staying apart, to protect our families, loved ones and front line heroes. Many messages in the media are encouraging families and their loved ones to stay away, and especially to stay out of our Hospitals unless there is an urgent need. For many who are diligently staying home, the news can seem overwhelming.

Right now, to keep our community safe, limited visitors are able to enter into our Lakeridge Health Hospitals to see patients. For Durham Region resident, Nancy and her husband, Max, this did not pose a concern for them as they prepared for the birth of their second child.

When Nancy gave birth the first time to her bouncing baby boy, Henry, the Oshawa Hospital accepted her and Max openly, with few restrictions on visitors. Going into the Hospital three years ago is certainly a different experience than today as the Durham Region fights COVID-19. Nancy did not see this as a deterrent though and she felt confident entering the Oshawa Hospital for care.

“Of course it is good to be cautious but right now, it’s important to try not to be afraid. Lakeridge Health is prepared for me, and prepared for you. Helping people like me is what the Hospital does. You are getting the care you need-it just looks different right now.”

Online, Nancy has heard many conversations from other soon-to-be-moms and new moms about their fears of going to the Hospital. When she spoke with her midwife, Nancy also heard of more moms preparing for at home births. For her though, she felt it was the most natural thing to go back to the Hospital that helped her through her first birth with Henry.

“After the crazy birth experience I had with Henry-he came very fast at 9lbs and 11oz-things felt more controlled. Sure they were very different but all in all it was a good experience and I’m grateful for Lakeridge Health.”

Max, Nancy’s husband, was able to stay with Nancy during her 24 hour stay at the Hospital and now, the happy couple are home with their newborn, Amelia.

Born on March 24, just days after the announcement of the global pandemic, baby Amelia is healthy, happy, and a ray of light for her family. Three-year-old Henry has taken to calling her ‘his baby’ and the family is adapting to staying at home and staying safe.

For other new moms or soon-to-be-moms faced with the new reality of giving birth right now, Nancy kindly has these words to share:

“Be cautious, but do not be afraid. To other new moms, especially don’t be afraid to say no to people. Even if they are trying to help you, it can be good for you to stay in with your family. Although, if you are feeling up to, I say go outside! Breathe in the fresh air-it’s good for you.”

As an engaged member of our Durham Region community, Nancy is an active supporter of the Lakeridge Health Foundation. Through her involvement with the Foundation’s annual Golf Classic as a Golf Committee Member, Nancy volunteers her time and skills to help her local Hospitals. Please, join us in thanking Nancy for supporting our local health care, and congratulating her and her family as they welcome baby Amelia to our community!