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Hugh's Story

“Hugh was my father, and you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Dad.”

Remembering Dad: In Loving Memory of Hugh Martin

My Dad taught me hard work and good effort will pay off in the end, and he lived that throughout his life, always making sure the job was done right. He had a fantastic work ethic and no matter how busy he was, he always found time to be there for his kids’ sporting events.

In 2018, my father was diagnosed with cancer. The news was tough for all of us and the cancer progressed quickly.

Before the diagnosis, my father had bought tickets for an Alison Krause concert in Toronto. If you knew my father, you’d know he loved going to see live music. By the time the concert came around, my father was not well enough to enjoy the seats he’d originally bought. I called the venue and they did an incredible thing, they moved us up to the front and he got to enjoy everything.

That night I went to the concert with my Dad, you could see how much he loved being there. Even with everything that was going on for him, my Dad was overtaken by the concert experience, just mesmerized! He was so happy to be there, and so was I. That concert was one of the last things that him and I were able to do together. It’s a good memory.

In September 2018, my father passed away. In his last few days, the care he received at Lakeridge Health truly made things as easy as they could be for both my father and for my family. Everyone showed compassion and care while we said our last goodbyes to a man who made all of our lives so much better.

In 2019, I dedicated my annual CN Tower Climb to the memory of my father, raising funds for the Lakeridge Health Foundation in his memory to support the same hospital that helped us. My Dad always appreciated things being done for him and he was all for giving back, that was just something he did.

I cherish the many wonderful memories I have of my father. My family and I still celebrate his passion for music, his humour, his life lessons, his love of family and the joy he found in sitting on the porch of his Florida home to enjoy the sun set.

Hugh Martin was an amazing individual, and it’s hard to find someone with his generosity, personality and kindness. My Dad was someone who could make your life better, by just being the person he was. We’ll always remember him.

Thank you for supporting our Hospitals,