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Marc and Lakeridge Health Oshawa nurse, Munnu, take a selfie as Marc gets chemotherapy treatment.

Marc and Lakeridge Health Oshawa nurse, Munnu, take a selfie as Marc gets chemotherapy treatment.

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Marc and Lakeridge Health Oshawa nurse, Munnu, take a selfie as Marc gets chemotherapy treatment.

Marc and Lakeridge Health Oshawa nurse, Munnu, take a selfie as Marc gets chemotherapy treatment.

Patient Story

Marc's Story

Cancer doesn’t stop for COVID-19 and neither does Lakeridge Health

“Entering the Hospital you see signs about COVID-19 and it feels intense. But the cancer team at Lakeridge Health, they don’t show any tension. Even though it’s hard right now for them –  they have families and lives disrupted by this coronavirus too – they’re keeping things calm and they’re still so compassionate while taking care of us.”


Staying away from the Hospital right now isn’t an option for people like Marc


As many are staying home while our local Hospitals are protecting our communities, Durham Region resident, Marc, needs to regularly visit Lakeridge Health Oshawa as he continues to receive chemotherapy treatment.
Last fall, at thirty-three years old, and with no family history of cancer, Marc noticed a lump on his neck. Concerned, he was referred to Dr. Stryde at Lakeridge Health Port Perry for a biopsy following an ultrasound. While waiting for his biopsy appointment, Marc carried on with life as usual, including running in his local Terry Fox run – unaware that he was running for himself. After receiving the life-changing results, Marc and his family, including partner Lauren and young daughters Ève (2 years old) and Audrée (5 years old), began navigating life with cancer.

Compassionate cancer care heroes at Lakeridge Health Oshawa 


Marc was introduced to his personal cancer care team in the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre at Lakeridge Health Oshawa, and began learning about his treatment options.

“Everything about our Cancer Centre is impressive to me: the facilities, the quality of care and of course the staff and volunteers. There are so many people there for you from doctors, educators, dietitians, social workers (Belinda is awesome!), nurses like Munnu and so many others really care! – and the volunteers, they are honestly all there for you.”


As Marc and his family settled into a new normal, he continued to work from home as a software developer and began chemotherapy treatment at Lakeridge Health Oshawa. As news of the coronavirus spread around the globe, Marc’s life began to change again.

“I was definitely anxious going in when things got intense. It’s reasonable to feel what you’re feeling. I believe the Hospital is taking necessary precautions, and you can tell everyone is doing their best,” he says.

What chemotherapy looks like during COVID-19


As Marc continues to receive his life-saving treatment, he shares that things are quite different at the Hospital but that he is confident Lakeridge Health will stay with him on his cancer journey. Before COVID-19 was announced a global pandemic, Lauren would join Marc at the Hospital as his parents helped out at home, and his local community came together to support him. Now, although volunteers are strangely absent from the Cancer Centre, and “there are no energetic high school kids in the cafeteria,” Marc is grateful his Lakeridge Health cancer care team is still with him.

“I start radiation therapy in a month, if things keep going well,” Marc shares. “When this news about COVID-19 came out, we wanted to do whatever we could to be there for our Hospitals. Every night we bang our pots and pans, we put up lawn signs, and we line up on the street to show support for our friends who work at Lakeridge Health, and the amazing people taking care of us right now.”

Our Cancer Centre


At Lakeridge Health Oshawa, the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre serves thousands of families across Durham Region and beyond. Despite all the changes because of COVID-19, our cancer care teams are still here and working harder than ever to help our families.

If you, like Marc, want to help support our local Hospitals as Durham fights COVID-19, please consider donating online at