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Environmental Services 'hero', Justin, and his daughter, Blair

Environmental Services 'hero', Justin, and his daughter, Blair

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Environmental Services 'hero', Justin, and his daughter, Blair

Environmental Services 'hero', Justin, and his daughter, Blair

Staff Story

Justin's Story

Environmental Services 'hero' at Lakeridge Health

Justin is a proud and integral member of Lakeridge Health at our Oshawa Hospital and is referred to as a “hero” in the Environmental Services department by his supervisor. We caught up with him before Father’s Day to learn more about his passion for working on the front lines and how he is adjusting to fatherhood!

When did you join Lakeridge Health? What inspires you as a front line hero in our Hospital?

I’ve been with Lakeridge Health for over eight years and could not think of a better place to be. There are great people and staff here which makes it a place I like to work and enjoy being at.

Tell us about your daughter. What makes you a proud new father?

My daughter’s name is Blair and she is the absolute best. Having a daughter has totally changed my life – there’s no other feeling in the world like being a dad for the first time.

What has been your most memorable memory as a father so far?

Seeing her change over the last eight months has been memorable! I spend as much time with her as I can when I’m not at the hospital. It’s just a great feeling and very rewarding. 

What advice would you give a fellow new dad?

The only advice I could give is just to be a good dad. I’m still learning all the time but just to be there for your kids and raise them right is the best thing I could think of doing.      

How have things changed for you at home and at work during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has definitely changed things for everyone. When I’m at work there’s very specific safety measures everyone has to abide by at all times, and when I come home I try my hardest to keep my daughter and myself safe.               

What would you like to share with those in our community who have donated to support our Hospital?

Lakeridge Health is one of the greatest places I’ve ever worked for and I myself along with the corporation appreciates the support we get from everybody on a daily basis. To everyone who has donated money, and from the rocks placed all around the hospital to the awesome parades that were put on at lunch, I truly appreciate it all and it’s making a difference.

How do you plan on celebrating your first Father’s Day this year?

I plan to spend this Father’s Day at home with my two favourite girls, maybe watch some horror movies and order pizza!