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Patient Story

JoAnne’s Story

“I’m fortunate to be receiving the gold standard of care at Lakeridge Health.”

With three teenage boys, the Swaine family has relied on the Lakeridge Health Emergency Department more than once over the years. And, as a police officer, father and husband Dave regularly relies on Lakeridge in his work for the community.

It never really dawned on JoAnne that one day she'd be the one in need. Late last year, at age 44, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

It's been a difficult journey for JoAnne - a mastectomy followed by six months of chemotherapy and then 25 rounds of radiation. But thanks to Lakeridge Health, they feel they have been supported every step of the way.
Especially on the really tough days during her treatment, JoAnne was relieved to have the region's leading cancer centre - and the most incredible team of doctors and nurses--just 10 minutes from their home, right here in Durham Region.

From the very beginning, JoAnne's team of dedicated specialists worked together to make sure every aspect of her cancer and health were looked after. From surgery to chemotherapy and radiation to interventional radiology and genetic counseling, JoAnne is confident she's experienced the best medicine has to offer. 

During her battle with breast cancer, JoAnne has really come to appreciate the importance of having the best and latest technology, "I've learned that many of the latest innovations are safer, faster, and more reliable. And when you're fighting cancer, who doesn't wish for that!" 

"When I went in for radiation at Lakeridge, they used a machine that was just months old," recalls JoAnne, "I can't tell you how good it felt to know I was getting the very best care possible." 

Thanks to donations from our community, this kind of specialized and innovative equipment is available to patients like JoAnne.  

"I never knew my grandmother, but she and I share a strong connection: she also had breast cancer. But, thanks to Lakeridge Health, our stories are sure to have very different endings. My grandmother passed away when my mom was just 8 years old, leaving behind four daughters. Today, I'm very optimistic--because I know I'm getting the best care possible." 

JoAnne's journey isn't over yet, but she continues to be thankful for her care and to the generous donors who have helped bring the very best health care to her hospital.