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Centenarian and dedicated Oshawa community member, Mr. Armour Hanna

Centenarian and dedicated Oshawa community member, Mr. Armour Hanna

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Centenarian and dedicated Oshawa community member, Mr. Armour Hanna

Centenarian and dedicated Oshawa community member, Mr. Armour Hanna

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Mr. Armour Hanna celebrates 100th birthday in Oshawa

This year, we join our entire Durham Region community in celebrating the 100th birthday of one very special Oshawa gentleman.
Mr. Armour Hanna, a long-time monthly donor for Lakeridge Health Foundation, is turning 100 this July 1, Canada Day. Outside of Mr. Hanna’s house, a Canada themed birthday flag waves in acknowledgment of this tremendous community supporter’s special day.

Mr. Hanna began giving to our Oshawa Hospital over thirty years ago. While he began giving to Lakeridge Health on an annual basis, Armour feels monthly giving is a better fit for him. “Monthly giving is much easier” says Mr. Hanna. “I always know how much is coming out of my bank account and it is more secure for our Hospital.” He explains that supporting your local Hospital is simple, because “until you need your Hospital, you don’t think much about it. Hospitals have saved my life and as you get older you need their help more often. It’s important to me to make sure that the Hospital has money to continue doing great things.”
Mr. Hanna knows that even beyond the excellent, compassionate care offered at our local Hospital, it is the incredible advances in medical technology at Lakeridge Health that will truly impact the future of our community. “All of the equipment at the Hospital amazes me,” says Mr. Hanna. “I’ve been to the Emergency Department and the amount of technology there, ready to help you, is incredible. I’ve also been on a tour to see the simulation mannequins used in training and they impressed me so much that I even increased my donation.”
Mr. Hanna is beyond thankful for the health care available to him. At 100 years old, Mr. Hanna is the true embodiment of generosity and community engagement that enables our Hospital to continue to thrive.
The impact of COVID-19 has not been easy for this centennial social butterfly. When asked what he’s missed most during social isolation he responds quickly and with a smile, “Wine and lunches out!” It may very well be the secret to Armour’s accomplished long life but if you ask him for the secret for living 100 amazing years, he says it’s simple, “we should all focus on what we have and not complain about the little things.”Armour’s plans for celebrating his big day have changed drastically but he’s grateful to now have a small group of close friends come by for a backyard gathering.
Please, join us today in celebrating 100 years of life, love, and health with Mr. Hanna. On this momentous birthday, our community has come together to send cards and birthday salutations to Mr. Hanna and we encourage you to do the same! Please, leave a message for Mr. Hanna of our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter and we’ll be happy to share these heart-felt messages with Mr. Hanna. Happy 100th Birthday, Mr. Hanna!