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The Holiday Match is On!

Two families are stepping up to double your impact on cancer care.

Something big is about to happen…and it’s going to change lives!

Paul Mackie Sr. and Beth Kelly are long-time friends and their families have been part of the Durham Region community for generations.

As donors and Co-Chairs of Our Cancer Campaign, they’ve been excited to share some news: The Campaign has reached 95% of its $20 million goal! That’s $1 million to go - isn’t that incredible?

Like many of you, Paul and Beth have both experienced cancer firsthand. They know too well that supporting cancer care is a team effort. So they came together to do something extraordinary!

Their families are matching ALL donations to Our Cancer Campaign up to $500,000 until December 31.

That’s right, if you step up today and make a donation, we can collectively reach Our Cancer Campaign’s goal by the end of this year.

It’s time to be part of something remarkable for our cancer patients and this community. If you would like to make a special holiday gift and have it doubled by Paul and Beth, Click Here!

Any amount will make a tremendous difference. Because if we succeed, it will mean:

  • A PET-CT scanner that will track and measure cancer like no other machine in our Hospitals, preventing 30 patients a week from heading out of town during their treatment.
  • 700 patients will receive radiation treatment from a new Linear Accelerator over the next year, and the machine will provide 93,000 treatments in its lifespan.
  • In its first year, the da Vinci Robot will be used in 300 surgeries.
  • Cancer cells will be diagnosed faster than ever before in the laboratory—and our experts will learn the best way to treat them.

…and so much more

Let’s get personal for a minute.

Beth’s Story:

Untitled-design-43.pngMy sister died of cancer in 2008. It was a long road for her and I always wished I could do more. We didn’t have a Cancer Centre back then and she had to travel far for care.

Not everyone beats cancer, that’s the sad reality. I’m grateful for the care and expertise that’s available today and I’m inspired by my sister’s battle.

She was an amazing woman and my commitment to this Campaign isn’t just about her, but all of my friends, family, coworkers and clients who experience cancer too.

Paul’s Story:


Untitled-design-42-1.pngWhen I was a child, I lost my leg in a tragic accident and the staff at Lakeridge Health saved my life. So when I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, I was scared but I knew I was in the right hands.

Thanks to the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre, I got to hold my fourth grandchild in my arms this past August.

I was part of the volunteer group that helped build the Cancer Centre, but I never knew I’d be using it myself. That’s why it’s really important for my family to give back.

When you make a donation between now and December 31, Paul and Beth will match it – doubling your impact on cancer care in our community!

Your gift, combined with theirs, will guarantee that the experts throughout the Hospital have access to $20 million in advancements like new equipment, expanded treatment options, important capital projects and innovative research for their patients.

What do you say? Will you join us?

Make your donation today at