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Lakeridge Health Pharmacy


Lakeridge Health Pharmacy Technician Day

Celebrating Pharmacists in New G4 Pharmacy at Lakeridge Health

"One of my favourite parts of my job is getting to speak and connect with people."

This Fall, we celebrated Pharmacy Technician Day at Lakeridge Health by visiting the brand new G4 Pharmacy at the Oshawa Hospital.

In January 2019, Lakeridge Health proudly announced the opening of the bright new space at the Hospital to house the Hospital's pharmacy. The Lakeridge Health Foundation was there, having supported the development of the new pharmacy with an astounding $2 million contribution, made possible by community partners and generous donors.

Lakeridge Health Foundation sat down with Nazma, pharmacy technician at Lakeridge Health as she shared what a typical day looks like at Lakeridge Health.

"It's exciting to work here. Each day is something different. We have different rotations, which keeps things fresh. The team is amazing. My job is so fulfilling, and the team here is like my second family."

A proud immigrant to Canada from Banglasdesh, Nazma came to Canada twenty years ago ready to study and to contribute to her new community. After finishing her studies for pharmacy technician, Nazma proudly began working with Lakeridge Health and shares her deep satisfaction with her job and the impact she has on those in need of Hospital services.

"[Pharmacy technicians] are really are here to support the nurses and Hospital staff in caring for patients. I love what I am doing here at the Hospital."

Nazma took Lakeridge Health Foundation through the bright, sunny new facilities for the G4 Pharmacy, explaining the many processes the pharmacy technicians adhere to each day in order to serve the appropriate medications to departments and staff in order to serve patients visiting the Hospital. With the different rotations each day, Nazma shared that the change in pace each day kept the job fresh for her. She especially loved the days she works in the emergency room. As a pharmacy technician, a vital aspect of Nazma's job is to collect the medical history of patients who come into the Hospital's emergency room.

"It's quite a thorough process, and a vital one. Typically, most patients are very helpful with this process. It's one of the best parts of my job as I really get to connect with people and often they share some of their stories. I really like to hear from them."

Meeting other pharmacy technians in the pharmacy, such as Jessica, Sara, Rickay, Joanna, and Linda, many shared the imapct the new space has had on their quality of work.

"We produce hundreds of medications. Prior to this new space, we were working in a very cramped place, now we can be more efficient, and further benefit staff and nurses."

The G4 Pharmacy serves multiple departments at the Hospital including preparing medications in packages for patients through their fast-track machine, using smart cannisters to disperse the medication to machines on each floor which nurses can use to access patients' medications. Pharmacy technicians at the Oshawa Hospital prepare tablets, and liquid medications including vital IV medications, created in their new, top-notch IV room, which exceeds all of the provinces standards for preparation and training.

Stepping into the IV room, Lakeridge Health Founation met pharmacy technician, Linda. She explained the reasons behind having the IV specific room including the ability to control tempature, humidity and pressure of the room in order to safely prepare medications for patients.

"We're totally patient focused," Linda shared.

This October, please join the Lakeridge Health Foundation in celebrating the dedication of our Oshawa Hospital's Pharmacy Technician team, serving multiple departments of our Hospital, and supporting many families across our Durham Region.

Special thank you to the generous members of our community whose donations truly impact our Hospital through the development of upgraded spaces such at our new G4 Pharmacy, including a $1 Million donation from the Auxiliary of Lakeridge Health Oshawa.

If you are able, please consider donating to your local Hospital today with Lakeridge Health Foundation.