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Chris, Kyla, and their two brilliant boys, Everett and Boston

Chris, Kyla, and their two brilliant boys, Everett and Boston

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Chris, Kyla, and their two brilliant boys, Everett and Boston

Chris, Kyla, and their two brilliant boys, Everett and Boston

Staff Story

Chris' Story

Chris serves our Oshawa and Whitby Hospitals and shares his experiences as a father

Meet Chris, dedicated member of our Lakeridge Health Foundation. Chris serves our Oshawa and Whitby Hospitals as our spirited Development Officer for Corporate and Community Engagement. As a local community member and devoted father of two brilliant boys, Chris shares some of his experiences supporting Lakeridge Health, and his family.


What inspires you to serve our Hospitals and local health workers with your work at Lakeridge Health Foundation?

I’m inspired to serve our Hospitals because I want to give back and to pay forward for the many times Lakeridge Health has helped my family and I. My wife and I are both employed by Lakeridge Health and both of our children were born at the Oshawa Hospital. Not only does the Hospital provide us with our livelihood, but we have also been patients ourselves and utilized many of the services available. Being able to serve and give back to the community where I live is rewarding and motivating.

Tell us about your children. What makes you a proud father?

My wife and I have two boys: four-year-old Everett, and 20-month-old Boston. They are both very active, busy, and share a special brotherly bond. Everett thrives on making people laugh. He likes to tell jokes, play hockey and he is just finishing junior kindergarten. Boston is the happiest and most cheerful child. He likes to copy everything his big brother does but he also enjoys getting into mischief. 

What is one truly memorable moment for you as a father thus far?

The birth of both our boys are experiences I am so happy that I was a part of and that I will remember forever. The most memorable moment to me was that indescribable instant each of them wrapped their hand around my finger in the delivery room and gripped so tight as they were getting the once over from the nurses in the room. 


What advice would you give to a new dad? What advice did your own father give you that has stayed with you?

I would share that you are going to get plenty of opportunities to work on patience, tantrums and fears but don’t forget you will be busy with a child as well. On a plus, you will be surprised with the things you are able to clean up without hesitation and know that we are all learning and adapting on-the-go here.

How did you explain COVID-19 to your children?

When the parks closed and we were no longer able to take the kids to visit daily it came time to explain the bigger picture of what was happening in the world. Boston is too young, but Everett understands that the park is closed due to the virus. We explained that many people have become sick and staying home will keep us safe. He asks frequently to go to the park or “is it still the virus?” Talking about cleaning hands and covering coughs and sneezes are other simple ways we’ve explained staying safe to the kids.

What would you like to say to donors who are supporting our local Hospitals right now?

Thank you so very much to everyone who has contributed to our Hospitals during this climate. It has been amazing to see all the support from the community. Each and every supporter is truly making a positive impact on our local health care system.

How do you plan on celebrating Father’s Day this year?

I’m looking forward to simply hanging out with the family and enjoying the summer weather with a nice barbeque.