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New EBUS at Lakeridge Health

New lung cancer equipment at Lakeridge Health

Nearly a year ago, a special delivery arrived to Lakeridge Health Oshawa Hospital that had the thoracic surgery team exceptionally excited. 

So what is ‘it’ that created such a stir at our Hospital? A year ago, our Hospital became the proud owners of a new endobronchial ultrasound machine. The endobronchial ultrasound, or EBUS for short, is used primarily to figure out if lung cancer has spread from a patient’s lymph nodes into their chest. With the EBUS, Lakeridge Health thoracic surgeons are able to get real-time images from in and around the lungs, and, they are able to identify difficult-to-reach tumors. 

Now that the use of EBUS technology is the standard of care here at Lakeridge Health, young patients with benign problems do not need to undergo invasive surgery for biopsy or ultrasound. Primarily, the EBUS is used to determine staging in lung cancer, and to perform biopsies almost anywhere in and around the lungs.

The number of patients served in a shorter period of time, has also increased. In just under a year, the EBUS has been used on patients 197 times.

Having technology like the EBUS on hand is important as Lakeridge Health serves one of the fastest growing parts of Ontario. During this year's Lung Cancer Awareness month it is important, especially if you meet the criteria for screening, to go in for a lung health screening.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer dream for women and men in Ontario. In 2016, an estimated 7,100 people died of lung cancer in Ontario, which is more than the number of people in our province who died of breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer, combined.

Now, Cancer Care Ontario is introducing a Lung Cancer Screening Pilot for People at High Risk and Lakeridge Health, right here in Oshawa, is one of three hospitals in Ontario taking part in the pilot.

Again, thanks to donor support, Lakeridge Health Foundation was able to raise over $750,000 needed to purchase an EBUS for our community. On behalf of our Hospital and the 197 patients who have already benefitted from having EBUS available at our Hospital, thank you.

If you are able to give, please, donate online today and support other priority needs at our Hospital.